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Our value of the month is BELIEF

Welcome to Explorer Class!

Welcome to 3 Explorer class! Here you will find Mr McDermott & Miss Salsby, looking after the little Explorers. We work hard in the class but have lots of fun too!

Forest School clothes are required on Thursdays! Please ensure that your child brings his/her old clothes, and wellies on that day!laugh

For their Erasmus Day on Thursday 8th December, Year 3 chose to find out about the Czech Republic. Here is a video containing some of the work they did...

Czech Republic.mpg

Science - Summer 1

This half term, we are exploring plants and life cycles. We will find out what plants need to grow, learn about the functions of different parts of flowering plants and describe the plant life cycle, including the importance of flowers to our world.

Maths - Summer 1

We shall be using Inspire Maths to learn about time and angles this half term.

ICT - Summer 1

We shall be embedding ICT into all areas of our work this half term, using iPads, researching and interpreting information, as well as using digital images and videos.


Homework is given out each Friday and expected back the following Wednesday at the latest. Please support your child with their homework and help them to present it as neatly as they can. Thank you!

Topic - Summer 1

We shall be using 'The Tin Forest' book as a basis to immerse our class into all things to do with nature, such as learning about plants and trees, how to survive in the wild, caring for animals and much more!

English - Summer 1

We shall be looking at the story of 'The Tin Forest'. Our focus this half term is extended narrative, instructional writing and explanation texts.

Inspire Maths!

Our school has been using a new strategy to help our children understand Maths more deeply and apply skills more effectively. It is called Inspire Maths! Although it took us a short while to get used to it, we can see that our class are enjoying the benefits of it, learning to talk about their Maths and use mathematical language more confidently.


In our topic, we are exploring rivers and mountains. We decided to look at the artist Georges Seurat, a famous painter who used a technique called Pointillism, creating amazing pictures using tiny dots. Here is an example of our efforts:

James and the Giant Peach!

This half term, Year 3 are reading the book, 'James and the Giant Peach', by Roald Dahl. We have already watched the film and read some chapters of the book. Some of the writing that has come out so far has been amazing! Here are some examples:

Year 3 Tag Rugby Festival

Year 3 went to take part in a tag rugby festival at Baxter College with other nearby schools. They had great fun and learned different skills!


Alternative Curriculum!

Each Friday, Year 3 joins together to do music, yoga and circuit training! I think the children love it..!!

Viking Visit - 12.9.16

On Monday 12th September 976AD, Erik Erikssen from the Viking Longship Trading Company visited us and gave us a taster on how the Vikings used to live. We learned about Viking clothes, their way of life, different artefacts and how crime and punishment were dealt with. It wasn't as simple as a rap on the knuckles...

Click here to see more...


How to Train your Dragon

Our English this half term will focus on the book, 'How to Train Your Dragon', linking with our work on the Vikings.