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Our value of the month is BELIEF

English - Autumn 2

Our book this half-term is The Firework-Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman. We have been immersing ourselves in the text and the children have found lots of fantastic language that they can then use in their writing. The question is...will Lila every be a real Firework-Maker?



Inspire Maths

We have started a new scheme called 'Inspire Maths' since half term. 

We have been....Counting on in ones, tens, hundreds and thousands, mentally adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, comparing numbers up to 10,000, and adding within 10,000 by not regrouping and then by regrouping. How busy we've been!

We particularly enjoy this new approach to our learning because we always use the equipment to build up our concrete experiences, before moving to pictoral representations, then to abstract. 


Christmas Lights!

Year 4 had some visitors come into school recently to hold an art workshop. The children made star lamps for the Lantern Parade in Kidderminster for the Christmas Lights Switch On. They got a little messy but enjoyed doing so! Thank-you to everyone who came on 12th November.


Word Aware

Every week, the children learn a new science and topic word, which is added to our Word Wall. The children come up with rhymes, count the number of syllables and put the word in a sentence to help them remember it. Some of us have an intervention linked to this where we learn the word before the class to give them a head start! Here is our Word Wall this half-term.


Close Investigation!

This week, we have been looking very closely at a range of different things! 

In topic, we looked at a range of artefacts from the Shang Dynasty and tried to identify where they were from and what they might have been used for.

In science, we used microscopes to make detailed observations about everyday items such as sugar, coins, sponge and paper. We were amazed at the extra detail we could see under the microscopes!


Welcome to Samos - Year 4 with Miss Pullen, Mrs Gray and Miss Buckley

Welcome to the new school year!

Samos is taught by Miss Pullen, Mrs Gray and Miss Buckley.

Our classroom is upstairs but an adult from the class will always be available at the doors first thing in the morning and at the end of the school day!

We come into school from the 3/4 playground, located at the back of the school building.

Our P.E lessons are on a Wednesday and Thursday, but we reccommend having it in school every day - just in case!


The Colour of Home

This half term we are going to be reading 'The Colour of Home'  by Mary Hoffman.This will be our focus for our English and topic work. Our science and topic work will all be based around this text. We will be looking at different environmental regions in the world as well as exploring the impact changes have upon our environment.



Since coming back to school after the holidays, we have been busy recruiting representatives for our school government and eco-committee. Our school government representatives are Mason Jenkins and Jessica Wood. Our eco-warriors are Jacob Dixon and Emily Hicks. Well done to these four children for getting the most votes!