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Our value of the month is BELIEF

Welcome to Dash

In our class we have Mrs James and Miss Tunley. 

Welcome to our page. We have an exciting year ahead of us with lots of fun through our learning. Our newsletters will be added every half term to show you what we will be learning. 

Fantasy worlds

“Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination”


To kick start our Summer term we will be entering a Fantasy world of wondrous characters and worlds that will heighten the children’s imagination. We will be looking closely at the book ‘The Emperor of Absurdia’

A story that captures every part of a boys imagination retelling his journey through fantasy worlds. To extend the children’s writing we will be visiting ‘Puzzlewood’ a fantasy woodland that ignites the children’s ideas for our cross curricular activities of growing large plants in Science and designing and making large sculptures in Art. We will also be researching the history of our Monarchy and how this will change in the future from a Queen to a King and what differences there are between Emperors and King’s. The children will be emerged in other texts and extracts such as ‘Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, Alice in wonderland, The Jabberwocky and Narnia’. The children will be using their ICT skills to create a final calendar of the things they have created. We hope that the Summer term bursts with amazing, creative and maybe even a bit silly imaginative ideas that allow our children to express themselves. Follow us on twitter to see what happens…….


Welcome to the spring term. This half term we will be focussing on SUPERHEROES!!!!!!!

The children have been recruited by the Superheroes of the world to help them find and defeat The Claw. 

Mannequin Challenge!



The Mannequin challenge after the school nativity. 

We are now entering our second half term in Year 1 and we have had an exciting first part to the school year. The children have settled in well and are showing that they can tackle new challenges and learning with a positive attitude. The children have had a visit from the animal man, learning all about different types of animals and have enjoyed a visit to the sea life centre to coincide with the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We have seen some excellent swimmers over this half term and some brave children overcoming their fears of the water. We are looking forward to starting new topics in the next half term which are shown on the newsletter below. We hope to have a fun and exciting lead up to when the jolly man in red comes to visit. Forest school will continue every Monday morning and here are some of the highlights from this half term. 


Year 1 visited the Sea life centre in Birmingham to see all of the sea creatures we have been learning about in our topic book “The Rainbow Fish”. The children enjoyed finding out all the information they could about the different fish that live under the sea.