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Our value of the month is BELIEF

Welcome to Voyager!

In Voyager, we aspire to be creative inventors, designers, scientists and resiliant. Independence is a key skill too!


Homework is set every other Thursday, allowing the children to be independent with their work. With also time is available in school to complete the tasks, we encourage every child to show off their skills!

Included with every child are timestables. So if you wish to get ahead of the game, get practising them all before the homework is set!

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We now currently looking at the fantastic C.S Lewis book; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Our aim is to create newspaper reports, followed by creating our own version of the storyline - finding a new world through a 'portal'. The children will be encouraged to use the ideas, they have come across from their own reading, to use within their own work and writing.

Additionally, this book sets us up nicely for looking into other worlds, so what better than to use this link to learn about the incredibly vast Solar System!

PE Kits

PE Kits

Final Note

If you have any growing concerns, or if you wish to discuss anything, the Voyager door is always welcomingly open!