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Our value of the month is BELIEF

Welcome to Explorer!

Welcome to Year 3 Explorer!

In our classroom we are explorers of learning and our motto for the year is 'think and link'!

You will find Miss Pullen, Miss Spragg, Miss Griffin and Mr Talk (who is not a real person but someone who is important to our learning!)

Important information!

One of us is always available in the morning, if there are any messages you wish to pass on or to tell us about anything you think we should know. 

Our days for PE are Mondays and Thursdays, although this might change so make sure your kit is in school every day - there are 5 Dojo points to be had!

Please make sure your reading diary is in school every day, as an added bonus, if you have read at home and had your diary signed, you're going to be 3 Dojo's up.


Our key text this term is The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. We have started off by making predictions about what might happen, then are moving on to look at what features we like so we can use them in our versions of The Jungle Book.

We even did some drama where we were either Shere Khan, the wolves or Mowgli!



We have been working on place value and making sure we know what each digit is worth. We have also been using mental calculation strategies for addition and subtraction. Our next step is using these to help our written methods.

We are continuing to use Inspire Maths and lots of apparatus to help us!



We have loved doing topic...we have looked at what a jungle environment is like, what we might find there and how it is different from Kidderminster. We have used our study of plants to make some careful observations to inform our sketches. 

We have also embraced Philosophy for Children and have had some thought-provoking discussions linked to the jungle.