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Our value of the month is BELIEF

Welcome To Sputnik's Class Page

Welcome to Sputnik's class page.  This fantastic class are taught by me (Monday to Wednesday), Mrs Gray and Mrs Hill (Thursday and Friday).

For regular pictures and a snapshot into life in Sputnik, you may like to follow my Twitter account @claireobelle

Thank you for visiting our page.  

Miss Smith


This term's Challenge

We are embracing challenge-based learning in Sputnik, with this term's challenge being:

How can we raise awareness of disasters at sea?

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to making your children look the part on our Titanic experience day.  This day was designed so that the children could experience the ambience, cuisine and entertainment of life in first, second and third class aboard the Titanic.  Please check this page regularly for photographs showing our progress to date.  The children have a fantastic idea for an end product, but they want to keep it a surprise for now....

The essentials...

In Sputnik, we like the children to come prepared and ready to learn.  Each child has a reading book that is suitable for their ability.  Please encourage your child to read at home regularly and ensure their reading diaries are up to date and returned daily.

PE day is Wednesday.  This term's PE is based indoors, however having pumps or trainers to change into is essential.  

Dojos!  The staff love Dojos as much as the children.  It is a fantastic way to reward the children for their achievements - and let you know about it.  If you are not signed up to class Dojo and would like to be, please feel free to come in and see either Miss Smith or Mr McDermott.