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Our value of the month is BELIEF


Read, Write, Inc. Phonics is a complete literacy programme, for 4 to 7 year-olds learning to read and write and for 7 and 8 year-olds needing to catch up quickly. 


We use Fred Talk to help us hear the sounds in words. We look for special friends (2 or more letters that make the same sound) in the words we are trying to read.


Using Fred talk helps us decode and read real and nonsense words.


We use our reading skills to help us build sentences using good vocabulary. We share our ideas then record our sentences. We look for missing spelling, grammar and punctuation to help us improve our editing skills.


Below are some short videos that show the method that the phonics part of the lesson follows. You might be able to use this to help your child practise some of their sounds at home.

Understanding Read, Write, Inc. Phonics

Parent Tutorial 1- Understanding RWI Phonics.mp4

Sound Pronunciation Guide

Sound Pronunciation Guide.mp4