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Our value of the month is BELIEF

Crime Wave Struck Voyager!

As part of learning how to construct a newspaper article, Voyager became detectives for the weekin search of the mystery theif. The criminal had stolen our 'old school' whiteboard from the classroom, leaving Voyager stunned and with a chaotic looking room. Our end aim was for the group to create a newspaper article based on the scene they experienced. 

The Facts and Opinions

In order to construct our newspaper articles, we had to understand what the facts and opinions were within the scene (what did we know and what did we think).

As the children used their analytical skills as detectives to discuss their ideas about what they thought had happened, they were able to identify these key elements.


Interviewing the Suspects

From collecting the facts and opinions, it was clear - to the detectives - who their suspects were.

This lead the children to conduct interviews with the suspects - Miss Smith, Mr Hawtree, Mr Farmer, Mr McDermott and Mr Eden. From these interviews, the children were able to derise an opinion based on the information they had collected.