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Our value of the month is BELIEF

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural

Birchen Coppice Primary School

Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social Calendar





19th – 22nd October

Harvest festival and celebration

Our whole school will collect food for the local Foodbank and community homes for the elderly.  We celebrate Harvest with parents in a celebration assembly.


Children and parents to take part in ‘The Birchen Coppice Bake-Off’ 22ndth October


Social, Cultural

To celebrate the harvest festival.

To promote a healthy lifestyle.

To support the local community.






Black History Month.


Early Years activities – 5th-9th October

Social, Moral, Cultural, Spiritual

To promote knowledge of black history, culture and heritage.

To promote and understand equality among different cultures.


15th October

Inter-Faith Week

Pupils to participate in prayers for world peace.


Social, Moral, Cultural, Spiritual

To understand the meaning and importance of peace in our school community and the wider world.

17-21st November

Anti-bullying Week

Activities to highlight and tackle bullying in our school and the local community. Activities to understanding cyberbullying. 

Social and moral

To reinforce our school anti bullying ethos.

 To ensure all children are equipped to recognise and challenge bullying behaviour

23rd – 29th November

Road safety Week


To reinforce the importance of road safety. To keep children safe and healthy. 

1st- 17th December

Christmas Celebrations.

Christmas productions.

Spiritual, moral, social, cultural

To reflect upon and understand the true meaning of Christmas within the Christian faith.


10th December

United Nations Day

Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural

To understand human rights.


9th February

Safer Internet Day

Social, Moral, Cultural

To promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology